Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]

Aion Hack 2.5 [Trade Untradable Items] Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]

This Aion Hack should also works with the following servers :
- AionPvPers
Aion Hack 2.5 [Trade Untradable Items]- GamezAion
- EliteAion
- InfiniteAion
- Other Servers with 1.9 , 2.0 , 2.1 Clients 2.5 Item Pack are all supported.
2.5 Item Pack will be updated IF the rules are kept.

Aion Hacking :
1. Download this Aion Hack "Trade Untradable Items"
2. Save the file to your Aion Online Folder.
Example : C:\Program Files\Aion\AionPvPers.exe
3. Start the "Aion Hack [Trade Untradable Items]"
4. Wait for it to finish downloading the files.
5. Go in game & check your items with 'untradeable options' now all of them should be 'tradeable'.

*You can't open the patch files without the launcher. Try not to open manually, it will go corrupt.

Start for Free Aion Bot,Aion Hack 2.7,Aion Kinah Cheats

Aion Bot - Free Aion Bot - Aion Botting :
Would you like to be able to participate in all the fun Aion end game content? Well we have a working Aion Bot for you!! This bot is not a simple autoit macro its an actual programmed bot that is working perfectly for all those players that want to enjoy the world of Free Bot Aion.

Aion Bots 2.5, Aion Hacks 2.5
Aion Hack - Aion 2.5 Hack - Aion Speed Hack - Hacking Aion :
Aion is a game that many say is going to give wow a run for it's money. Well with our Aion Credit Hacks and Aion Glider Hacks that we plan on releasing in conjunction with the games release date you will have something new to play around with. All you need to do is simple decide on what items to see with the Aion Radar Hack and how fast to go with the Aion Speed Hack

Aion Cheats- Aion Kinah Cheats - Aion Cheat PVP :
When Aion Online goes public there are going to be alot of Aion Kinah Cheats being released. Instead of wasting hundreds of dollars getting them just to find out which one is decent, why not just see them all in this blog. We will have every Aion Cheats there is, and on top of that all the Aion leveling Cheats and Aion Kinah Cheats on the net and special ones created by the famous website will be at this blog..
Aion PK style is something that variest it from most every game out there. Well we are going to have tons of Aion leveling Cheats in this blog to help you reach those hard to hit high levels to enjoy in the all PK fun. Best of all we will have all the Aion PVP cheats you could possible want on this blog as well.

Aion Hack [2.5, 2.6, 2.7 Item.Pak Untradeable]

Aion Hack [2.5 Item.Pak Untradeable]Free Download Aion HackAion Hack [2.0, 2.1, 2.5 Item Pak Untradeable]

Trade untradeable item,and soul items.
Go to aion folder /data/usa, and overwrite folder items.pak and npc.pak

Aion Hack [2.5 Item.Pak Untradeable]
In my case I change the archives of 4 folders but to support their files, change in /data/items and /data/npc /data/usa/items and /data/usa/npc
*depends on the server to where it connect varies the files to overwrite

File name: itens.pack aion 2.7 , 2.6 , 2.5.rar
Submission date: 2010-11-21 23:39:54 (UTC)
Current status: finished

Result: 0/ 34 (0.0%)

How to get Aion Kinah Hacks

Aion Kinah Hacks
Kinah has become a pain to find the more i take part in the game, but simultaneously i love playing the game. What’s the best move that i can get easy kinah? I was thinking of using some aion kinah hacks but im not sure where you’ll get them. All the free services clearly have information that is nerfed, and on top of that almost all the time it is just a scam or has a virus in it and so i really want to steer clear of that stuff basically can. Does anyone have a good recommendation for the best place i will get aion online kinah hacks?

Aion Kinah HacksAlso whats a great place for aion leveling bots while you’re at it. I want to look for a place which has a legit bot that is updated, the folks speak English there. A totally free site wont do since i dont want the chance of getting my account hacked or detected for botting. Pretty much all free sites site IMO because the game creators can easily see it plus they just nerf the things right away.

Aion Kinah HacksYou are in luck. The number one place for aion kinah hacks is going to be taultunleashed and mmoviper. Taultunleashed has more kinah hacks than any other site out there. Almost all their hacks in the confirmed areas have been tested by members and therefore are confirmed to be working with no virus or trojans inside them. Also there is a submission area with new aion kinah hacks being added daily. On top of that you receive use of MMOViper when you are getting a membership there. MMOViper has got the worlds number 1 aion radar hack which enables you to see all mobs, hidden players, and much more. So if you are fighting someone thats invisbile you can now see them easily. Even better is that you simply get access to their aion online kinah and leveling bot.

Aion Kinah Hacks
Aion Kinah Hacks

This bot up to now has still nto been detected by any kind of company. They have been udpating it constantly while aion was in beta nad they still update it today. Unlike other small sits that provide up they still support all their games. With a membership additionally you get access to all mmovipers and taultunleasheds supported games. Which is well over 50 games since it stands.

[] Comet - Aion Radar


Credit : Mr. PharmerPhale
link : [] Comet - Aion Radar

• Adjust Map Scale with NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Node Scale with SHIFT + NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Window Width with CTRL + NUMPAD +/-
• Adjust Window Height with ALT + NUMPAD +/-

Settings: (not all are found in the interface)
• Settings file is created after first close.
• Advanced users can edit the additional settings in the file for more options.
• Transparency causes heavy cpu, use a small window.
• If you screw up the settings file, just delete it.

• Will be adding more filters.
• Will be adding more settings to the GUI.

Aion radar hack 2.6
32-bit Aion Client Only!
You need these installed!
.NET Framework 4.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)
• Will be adding more settings to the GUI.

Issue: The program crashes during the intro.
Fix: Press escape directly after you login and skip the intro, this is a known issue.

Issue: Unable to log into the program.
Fix: Make sure you're using your forum login and password, display names are not login names and e-mails won't work.
Fix: Reboot your computer!
Fix: Reset your password, only use numbers and letters.
Fix: If your IP changes a lot, it may be blocked to prevent account sharing. Please make a ticket.

Issue: Can't find Aion or Modules.
Fix: Run this program as administrator.
Fix: Disable DEP, or add an exception for this program.
Fix: Last resort - Disable UAC / Firewall

Aion radar hack 2.6
If you still need help, please open a support ticket at and give all the information in the template.

• Moved Comet to a subscriber-only program
• Added background to intro
• Added Always Show Names option
• Added Fixed North option
• Fixed North now rotates your character sprite
• Non-Fixed North now rotates entities around your character sprite
• Added Level and Class to mouse-over tooltip

Support to hack Aion for version ;
ENGLISH Retail NA/EU Client Aion
ENGLISH Retail NA/EU Client -

Your feedback is important, here's what Mr. PharmerPhale need to know. Please leave your message on his webboard from link above ^^
• Which version of Aion did you try? (ex. Retail NA 32-bit )
• Which version of Comet did you try? (ex.
• What OS are you using (ex. Windows 7 64-bit)
• How smooth is the program? (ex. Slow intro, smooth radar)
• How much of your CPU is used? (ex. 3%)
• What is it's average FPS?
• Please attach your settings xml file!

Cheat Engine : items Hack Overpowered

Credit : Mr. Unknown2011 (for the tip)
Special Thank : Mr. PharmerPhale (for his Great website :

So first of all here is an explanation what does it do. Read it or you'll get your a*s in troubles

You basically Armsfusion 2 Same type of Items into a 1...
What do you get from that?
The 2nd tab of the starts.
Not 1st tab!
The 2nd!

That means, For example:
You have Armor with +100 HP in the 2nd stats
And you have same Type of armor with +110 HP in it.

* When you combine it, You'll get Extra 110 HP = 210 HP In total. But wait... That's not all....

For example:
You have an item +15 , 100 HP , + 6 Manastones in in all with +5 Attack stones , You get total of +30 Attack.
And let's say you have the exactly same item! but with a +15 Critical Hit stones!
So you get an Item with a 200 HP + 30 Attack + 90 Critical Hit...
Isn't that over powered as hell ?
Now imagine you've done it all every part of your item oh damm....

My personal best thing was on GamezAion long time ago... I had a PVP armor Combined with Anuhart Armor

Default Gladiator hp with full pvp set is : 10k ~ 11k and I had 15.5k That was obvious... and yes I got banned. So use it on your own risk!

• What are the Combinable Items?!
Armor with Armor
Helm with Helm
Pants with Pants
Ring with Ring
Boots with Boots
Shoulders with Shoulders
Gloves with Gloves
Belt with Belt
Earrings with Earrings
Necklace with Necklace
Shield with Shield / Weapon / Armor / Wing
Wings with Wings
Any One-Handed weapon with Any One-Handed weapon

• What are the best Combinable strategy?
Full PVP Set with a PVE set

• Is it Possible to combine PVP set with another PVP set?
No... You can't , You wont get any extra PVP stats.

So...Let's begin.

We gonna need once again:
-Cheat Engine 6.1
-Aion Client
-Aion Database

1. Select 2 same Type of items that you want to Combine/Fuse
In my example it's Stormwing's Tunic (110101071)
Aion items hack

2. This is the explanation of what you get when u combine the Items.
In short words: The 2nd tab of the stats + Manastones.
Aion items hack

3. Go to to see what's your Item ID that you're about to combine
Don't forget to change the ID of the 2nd Item that you're about to Combine!
Aion items hack

4. Open Cheat engine, Search the ID of the Items , Drop them down by selecting them all and clicking on the Red Arrow!
Aion items hack

5. After selecting and dropping all the addresses of your items that you want to combine,
Select any DUAL HANDED! Weapon... In this example its: Archon Brigade General's Spear (101300681)
Aion items hack

6. Back to Cheat Engine...
Select all the dropped addresses and press ENTER on your keyboard.
A window Change Value will pop-up.
Change the id To DUAL HANDED weapon.
Aion items hack

7. After done Step 6 Go back In-Game and open Invetory , Press on "Auto Arrange Invetory"
Now you should see the Items you've selected will be changed by a new Icon...
Don't touch them yet.
Aion items hack

8. Make sure by Moving your mouse cursor on the item you've changed that it's says: The real Item NAME that you had.
But in the same time make sure the Icon is different
If not that's mean you've done something wrong.
Aion items hack

9. Go to Armsfusion NPC to Combine 2 Items... Don't forget!
The easiest way to find what item you should keep and what item you should break is by PLUSING The one you need!
Because plusing the Breakable item is useless.
Aion items hack

10. After you've combined your armor WEAR IT and check the stats if they are changed. If they are Congratz
If they not that's mean or The server has a fix or you did something wrong!
To make sure all is fine and that you wont get Crash , Just Restart your Aion Client!
Aion items hack

11. After a Success Armsfusion you get Extra stats  As can you see in that picture!
Good luck and happy hacking
Aion items hack

I've tested it on AionWarz. I'll be posting more tutorials... Stay tuned!
*Still works on AionWarz, DarkAion, AionX and quite a few other servers which I assume are all Aionxemu

It makes the item invisible on each of those servers (both in your inventory & on your character) and you are only able to display 1 manastone, so the trick is +15 your main item,put the manastones & godstones on both BEFORE you merge them using this method.

• Before I start? should I try this to a noob items? just for a try and it jsut add hp? not attack?
Yeah to be 100% sure that its working try any noob item with 2nd stats on it!

• Dude is it possible now that I can fusion dagger to dagger or sword to sword dagger to sword or something.. I'm going to try it on flarestorm dagger if it's ok?
Yes you can combine Dagger with Dagger forgot to add it you can combine any One handed with One handed.

Cheat Engine : AP Shop Hack [GamezAion]

Aion Cheat EngineTESTED IN GAMEZAION : still working on gamezaion and zettacore servers.
This is for you bug AP, Kinah, Crucible, groogies, silver coin, gold coin, platinum coin and others prices in all shops.

Free Tac Officer
Free Abyss gear (still need medal)

1. Open Cheat Engine
2. aion.bin
3. go to shop (Crucible shop, Abyss Shop)
4. Put one item in the first slot "just one"
5. go to Cheat Engine "First scan number 1"
6. add more one
7. scan for "2"
8. repeat it and when u got only one value is time for bug ^^

Part 2
1. Chante to "text"
2. and put this value FFFFFFFF F (if u get red number or big number, try use another value)

You can bug others slots too. You got negative numbers and u can buy many things for nothing!

Remember :
1. You can't buy with negative valuer.
2. Add more items for make the value positive.
3. If you get big number, try use FFFFFF F or FFFF F.

Aion Cheat Engine
*Remark : I use windows XP.
Windows 7 - 64 bits - Professional make me get big big number.

Try bug others shops too, like crucible, groogies, silver medal, platinum medal, title shop and etc...
It working in gamezaion, everybody of my legion Juuken bugged it ans all are full ABG ^^ We can bug Troll shop too xD

Just follow all steps in the video, in last step when you need to put FFFFFFF F, just write fffffff f, see the difference ? if you put in caps lock you will have a huge big and red negative number, just do this way and will works, you can bug crucible shop, ap shop, and all kind of shops i dont get troll shop working with this but could be possible, if you get a non big negative number , eg : -252.569 just add an more items until you get the lowest possible valor eg : 1980 or even 1, you cant buy for 0 valor, but one just work fine, you can buy also crusader things ( noble crusader wing and fixer title ) for just 1 crusader token, just use your brain a little ^^

PS. tested in a Window 7 x64 with CE 6.1 ( x64 edition ) and CE 5.6 x32 normal edition, also tested in Windows XP x32 and CE 5.6 x32 normal edition, good luck.

1. Most of peoples work with FFFFFFFF F, but others get big negative number and need try other value.
Price need be positive, You use that negative number just for a special discount

2. Message error : "You cannot trade as your inventory is full"
This means that the stack amount in the merchant window is more than the space you have. This 1/0 value that you are searching for is actually a 4-byte number representing the stack. Obviously, if you are trying to buy 498274392872 breastplates you don't have the room for that.

3. do you know how to obtain the value 00000001 after that we put the value ffffffff, because for me, it shows no value :/
Put ffffffff, then scan, select box " hex " then put 1, next scan , if you got more than 1 address, go ingame and remove the item you had there, then go to CE and see what happens, so put item again then 1 , next scan, sometimes CE cant find the right address at first attempt so you need to try more times, and again its 100% working in gamezaion.

4. I'm stuck, it says that : Some items are not allowed to be selled from this NPC
Because you are trying to buy an item that is locked server side, like ABG, you cant buy ABG in gamezaion... try another item like APP or EAT, you cant buy TAC Officer items also...

[] Aiontool - Hack Infinite Aion anti-afk , super glide, no hide, gravity

New AionTool specific sub-site launched!

Credit :
link : [] Aiontool - Ultimate Hack-Pack 4 Aion anti-afk, gravity, super glide, no hide, etc
AionTool is an all-in-one program of various hacks and tools that Mr. PharmerPhal have developed for Aion™ Online since Open Beta. This software is secure and safe and does not contain any malicious code. AionTool does not modify any Aion™ or System Files on your computer. Mr. PharmerPhal have emlpoyed memory reading and writing to achieve the features you see listed at

Aion cheats 2.6
Development News ;
• Posted August 18 2011 by Mr. PharmerPhal
: Many new features have been added including Skiller, AutoBuff, MobInfo, and Warder. The testers are currently trying the new build and so far the feedback has been good.
• Posted August 18 2011 by Mr. PharmerPhale
: As AionTool has become much more complex now I've decided it was time to create a dedicated space for it. Membership, support, and discussion will still occur in the forums where it always has.
• Posted August 23 2011 by PharmerPhale
: Posted AionTool version to resolve a ton of issues. You'll also notice this site is launched (yet incomplete) and new features have been added. (Warder,AutoBuff,AutoLoot,Skiller,etc)

*Recommend in No Hide feature : constantly checks for hidden players and npc's around you and unhides them. This tool only affects your ability to see them, they are still hidden to others.
Usage Examples
• Avoid getting ganked by sneakies.
• Detect and target hidden mobs and npc's.

NCSoft Retail Hacks Aion Supported Versions ;
• ( Current Live NA/EU Version)
NEW Official NCSoft NA/EU Aion Client
Features: AutoChain, AutoReact, Aether Hack, Vitality Hack, Gravity (up, down, glide, lock), No Hide, Super Jump, Anti-AFK, ZoomHack, NoClip, Console, NoAnim, NoAnim2, SlowFall, skiller, autobuff, warder, simple bot, no target macro

You can use this on Infinite Aion ;
AionTool is capable of being used on Infinite Aion if you follow the steps below to launch it.
• You will need to install Visual C++ 2010 Express.
• This guide assumes you have Visual C++ installed and open AS ADMINISTRATOR!

Step 1 - New Project
Aion hack 2.6
•Click "New Project..."
•Select "Win32 Console Application"
•Enter a name for your project.

Step 2 - Creating Project
Aion hack 2.6
•Click "Next"

Step 3 - Empty!
Aion hack 2.6
•Click "Empty Project"
•Ensure "Console Application" is selected.
•Click "Finish"

Step 4 - Adding New items
Aion hack 2.6
•Right-Click "Source Files"
•Click "Add"->"New Item"

Step 5 - Creating File
Aion hack 2.6
•Click "C++ File"
•Name the file
•Click "Add"

Step 6 - Paste the code
Aion hack 2.6
•Paste the code into your new file.
•Ctrl+S (save)

Step 7 - Properties
Aion hack 2.6
•Right-Click your project name in the Solution Explorer.
•Click Properties

Step 8 - Changing Character Set
Aion hack 2.6
•Change the character set to Multi-Byte.
•Click "OK"

Step 9 - Run the program!
•Place AionTool in the project folder
(ie. C:\Users\YOU\Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\ThisProjectWeMade\ThisProjectWeMade)
•That's it... Once you've launched InfiniteAion, press F5 in Visual Studio to run AionTool
•This method can be adapted to work for Comet, WorkOrder4, LookOut, etc, just change the name in the source code.

Aion Hack [Speed Hack Inject V 0.1]

Aion Hack [Speed Hack]
"This Aion Speed Hack works for all versions of Aion Online"

Free Download Aion Hack : Aion Hack [Speed Hack Inject V 0.1]
1.Start the hack
2.Login into the game.
3.Choose your speed/sleeptime
4.Rip-off everything.

Aion Hacking :
Set to auto inject or use Aion's injector and set the speed to 1 and just to be sure it works, change to speed 20 to see if everything moves fast and back to 1 at login screen. when everything already loads up change the speed up to 20 and sure enough You'll run like a loon from this Aion Speed Hack.
There's also a trick on how to do it on some servers to avoid disconnection by deleting the system.cfg in aion folder and making your own customised system.ovr and then the Aion Hack comes in.
Aion Hack [Speed Hack] Since you are able to Speed Hack your way in, you can try using Anti-Afk method from this site threads by users or try lowering down your speed to below 800 to just 20. Do remember that whenever you use Aion Speed Hack, your game client will be sending packets to the server fast too.. So if u got slow net speed better to lower it down to avoid disconnection. Enjoy Aion Hacking ^^

Aion Enchanting Guide : How to Enchant Gears

Aion Enchanting guide

I want to attract my personal lvl 30 daevanion set in order to +10 as well as my personal daevanion weapon, but I can not actually have it in order to +1, it always isn’t able. I attempted to use lvl 32 enchantment rock. Exactly what rock lvl is best for succes enchant? I’ve read that for blue gear you need +15-30 lvl enchantment stone. So that implies that with regard to my personal lvl 30 daevanion armor the actual lvl 60 enchantment stone may have the best succes price? How much percent? The following the resolve methods:

Probably the most irritating areas of learning how to improve is actually understanding that they’ll fail! Will fail, however faltering might have damaging side-effects for the gear! This is why you must read the Aion guide beneath so that you do not shed your time and effort, your own character’s cash, or your own awesome!

Before you can make use of Enchantment stones, you must produce them. To be able to produce them, go to a nearby Common Goods Merchant and purchase Extraction Resources. One set of tools can be used for each extraction. To be able to extract, you have to Right-Click about the Extraction Tools after which Left-Click on the item you intend to draw out from.There are some essential recommendations! First, you are able to just draw out from items which could be enhanced. These are your chest slot, thighs position, shoulder blades position, fingers slot, feet slot, main position, and secondary slot. 2nd, when you draw out from a product, that product is destroyed. Don’t extract through items you wish to keep or use, obviously.

After you have removed an item, you will receive Enchantment gemstones. They are available in the shape: Degree # Enchantment. The amount corresponds to an item’s degree, not your level.

Now you understand how to draw out and create Enchantment gemstones, I will tell you how are applying them to an item. The first essential part is actually determining the level of the item you intend to enhance. Quite simply, the actual item’s degree is the required level to use which product (but there is more!). This may typically end up being discovered just by looking at the item’s data, since it may state exactly what degree is needed. For some products, for example mission rewards, there isn’t any provided level on the product. In order to determine the amount of these things, you must know what degree the quest was that led to that item. For instance, if your quest stated “Level 10″ in front of this as well as completing it resulted in a product, which item’s level will be Ten.

Aion Enchanting guide Knowing your item’s degree, the next step is determining exactly what level Enchantment stone to make use of. In order to do this, you must know if the product is associated with Whitened scarcity, Eco-friendly rarity, Azure rarity, or Lemon rarity. You can simply do that by exploring the product as well as seeing what colour the actual item’s name is written in. Once you know the actual item’s level and its colour use the subsequent to determine exactly what Enchantment rock to use:

White Product = Item’s Level +1-10 Levels
Eco-friendly Item Equals Item’s Degree +5-20 Amounts
Blue Product Equals Item’s Degree +15-40 Levels
Lemon Item Equals Item’s Level +30-50 Amounts

When utilizing an Enchantment rock from the above Aion guide, be aware which while using lower extremity may cause you to have a reduce chance of achievement. If you have a Level Ten Whitened item, you’ll have a higher percent of achievement if you use an amount Thirteen Enchantment rock compared to should you utilized an amount Eleven Enchantment rock. Also, if you use excessive of the Enchantment stone, your chance associated with achievement will be reduced too.

Now that you know how to create Enchantment stones and employ them to increase your gear, you must be wondering what are the stage of it all is! Each item could be enhanced as much as 10 times. Although this seems simple enough to obtain, you can take either 2 pathways to reaching it. One involves spending lots of your character’s cash on acquiring the best-to-use Enchantment stones; another entails investing plenty of risk on utilizing lower level Enchantment stones that will sometimes fail. What happens whenever you fall short? Your own item manages to lose one level of enhancement! This is why you should use the correct level Enchantment gemstones. The good thing is which products can’t reach damaging improvement amounts; it’ll visit Zero. Unhealthy news, clearly, is the fact that it can take quite a bit of time and money to reach Ten.

The following exhibits exactly what bonuses include every improvement level. Remember, each item can achieve no more than 10, therefore multiple every bonus through 10 to determine the most.

Aion Enchanting guide
Upper body = +6 ** for each degree
Legs Equals +5 ** for each level
Pauldron = +4 ** per degree
Gloves Equals +4 ** per degree
Footwear Equals +4 ** for each degree

Upper body Equals +5 Physical Protection per level
Thighs Equals +4 ** for each level
Pauldron Equals +3 ** per degree
Mitts = +3 ** per degree
Footwear Equals +3 ** for each level

Upper body Equals +4 Physical Protection for each degree
Thighs = +3 ** for each degree
Pauldron = +2 ** per level
Gloves = +2 ** per degree
Boots Equals +2 ** per degree

Chest = +3 Bodily Defense per degree
Thighs = +2 ** per degree
Pauldron Equals +1 ** per degree
Gloves = +1 ** per level
Footwear Equals +1 ** for each degree

Polearm = +4 Minimum as well as Maximum Tool Harm for each level
Greatsword Equals +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per degree
Bows Equals +4 Minimum and Optimum Tool Damage per level
Staff Equals +3 Minimal as well as Optimum Weapon Damage for each level, +10 Magic Boost for each level
Sword Equals +2 Minimum and Optimum Weapon Harm per degree
Dagger Equals +2 Minimum and Optimum Weapon Harm per degree
Mace = +3 Minimum as well as Maximum Tool Harm per level, +10 Miracle Increase per level
Orb Equals +4 Minimum and Maximum Weapon Damage per level, +10 Miracle Boost for each degree
Spellbook Equals +3 Minimal as well as Maximum Weapon Damage per degree, +10 Miracle

Aion Enchanting guide
Aion Enchanting guide

Increase for each degree

Shield Equals +2% Harm Decrease for each degree